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The 3rd Africa-International Allelopathy Congress AIAC-2018

Blida, Algeria, 20-22 November, 2018

Organized by:
Laboratory of Research on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants,
Nature and Life Sciences Faculty,
University of Saad Dahlab, Blida 1, Algeria




Allelopathy is a solution for the development of agriculture, forestry and the environment. It aims to improve the productivity of field crops, vegetables and fruit trees, as well as their conservation. The allelochemicals, natural products and phytochemicals scientists work together to reduce pollution and maintain ecological balance. Those products are currently widely used in production and crop protection, as well as in agroforestry and horticulture. In this concept, allelopathy is for sustainable agriculture.


The Laboratory of Research on Aromatic and Medicinal Plants with the collaboration of Nature and Life Sciences Faculty of Blida 1 University, have the great pleasure to invite scientists to participate to the 3rd Africa-International Allelopathy Congress (AIAC-2018) which will be organized for the first time in Algeria, at Blida 1 University, from 20 to 22 November, 2018. This congress is organized every two years and constitutes an important meeting place for researchers, industrial exhibitors and PhD students in all fields of allelopathy in African countries and worldwide. This congress is organized with collaboration of Allelopathy Journal and Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection (TJPP). The communications presented in this lecture will be peer reviewed and those judged appropriate will be published in the Special Issues of Allelopathy Journal and TJPP.


This congress aims to bring together active researchers, PhD students and industrialists working in the field of allelopathy in Africa and internationally, highlighting the current state of research for innovation and the development of the socio-economic sector, to review progress, identify constraints and project future prospects for basic and applied research in Allelopathy.

This congress will be held in English and French, according to the following themes:

Theme 1: Allelopathy in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture,

Theme 2: Allelopathy in Natural Ecosystems & Invasive Plants,

Theme 3: Allelopathy in Soil Sickness,

Theme 4: Chemistry of Allelochemicals,

Theme 5: Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Allelopathy,

Theme 6: Allelopathy Mechanisms and Interactions.

Honorary Presidents of the Congress

-Pr Mohamed Tahar Abadlia (President of the University of Saad Dahlab-Blida 1),

-Pr Atika Benrima (Dean of the Nature and Life Sciences Faculty).

President of the Congress

- Dr Saida Messgo-Moumene (Laboratory on Research of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants).

Scientific Committee

President: Dr Messgo-Moumene, Saida (LRPMA, Blida 1 University, Algeria)


- Dr Abdellaoui, Khemais (ISAChM/ATAD, Tunisia)

- Dr Aissat, Abd El Kader (LRPMA, Blida 1University, Algeria)

- Pr Allal-Benfekih, Leila (LRPMA, Blida1 University, Algeria)

- Pr Alsadawi, Ibrahim (University, Iraq)

- Pr Assaf, Nabil (FAO, Algeria)

- Dr Bencherchali, Mohamed (LRPMA, Blida 1 University, Algeria)

- Dr Bendifellah, Leila (M�Hamed Bouguera University, Boumerdes, Algeria)

- Pr Ben Hadda, Taibi (Mohamed 1 University, Oujda, Morocco)

- Pr Boureghda, Houda (ENSA, El Harrach, Algeria)

- Dr Chaieb,Ikbal (CRRHABChM/ATAD, Tunisia)

- Dr Chaouia, Cherifa (Blida 1 University, Algeria)

- Pr Cheema, Zahid Ata (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan)

- Pr Chemat, Farid (University of Avignon, France)

- Dr Chemat, Smain (CRAPC, Algeria)

- Pr Daami-Remadi, Mejda (CRRHABChM/ATAD, Tunisia)

- Pr Della Greca, Marina (Universit� DegliStudi, Napoli, Italy)

- Dr Dridi-Al Mohandes, Bouthaina (ISA-CM/ATAD, Tunisia)

- Pr El-Shora, Hamed (Mansoura University, Egypt)

- Pr Fernandez, Catherine (Aix-MarseilleUniversity, France)

- Pr Haouala,Rabiaa (ISAChM/ATAD, Tunisia)

- PrIlker �zyigit, Ibrahim (Marmara University, Turkey)

- Pr Ismaili-Alaoui, Mustapha (IAV Moahmed 5, Rabat, Morocco)

- Dr. Jabnoun-Khiareddine, Hayfa (CRRHABChM/ATAD, Tunisia)

- Pr Kato-Noguchi, Hisashi (Kagawa University, Japan)

- Dr. Khanfir-Ben Jenana, Raoudha (ISAChM/ATAD, Tunisia)

- Dr Korteby-Mefti, Hakima (LRPMA, Blida 1 University, Algeria).

- Pr Krimi, Zoulikha (Blida 1University, Algeria)

- Pr Medjdoub-Bensaad, Feroudja (Mouloud Mammeri University, Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria)

- Pr Narwal, Shamsher (Chief Editor of Allelopathy Journal, India)

- Pr Nasraoui, Bouzid (INRAT, Chief Editor of TJPP, Tunisia)

- Pr Olubmni, Fadina (Ilorin University, Nigeria)

- Pr S�nchez-Moreiras, Adela M. (University of Vigo, Editor of Journal of Allelochemical Interaction, Spain)

- Pr Molinillo, Jos� M. G. (Universidad de C�diz, Spain)

- Pr Shi-ming,Luo (South China Agricultural University, China)

- Pr Tounsi, Slim (CBS, Tunisia)

- Dr Zendouche, Wahid (INRF, Algeria)

Organizing Committee

President: Dr Belguendouz, Rachida (LRPMA, Blida 1 University)


- Dr Abbad, Mohamed (Blida1 University)

- Dr Ammad, Faiza (Blida 1 University)

- Mrs Ayachi, Nabila (LRPMA, Blida 1University)

- Ms Ben Amor, Safia (LRPMA, Blida 1 University)

- MrBouchekkif, Smain (Biotechnologies Department, Blida 1University)

- Dr Boutahraoui, Ahmed (Biotechnologies Department, Blida 1University )

- Mr Bouteldja, Abderahmane (Rectorate, Blida 1 University)

- Ms Chebata, Nada (LRPMA, Blida1 University)

- Mr Degaichia, Houssem (Blida 1 University)

- Dr Djenass, Katia (Blida 1 University)

- Mr Djidji, Hakim (Biotechnologies Department, Blida 1 University)

- MrsFa�di, Houria (LRPMA, Blida 1University)

- Mrs El Elezz�ar, Fatiha (LRPMA, Blida 1University)

- Ms Ghanai, Rafika (LRPMA, Blida 1 University)

- Mr Guenachi, Belkacem (LRPMA, Blida1 University)

- Ms Hamel, Amira (LRPMA, Blida 1University)

- Ms Hchachna, Hind (LRPMA, Blida 1 University)

- Mrs Baba-A�ssa, Karima (Blida1 University)

- Dr Nebih, Daouia (Blida 1University)

- Ms Oualha, Lillia (LRPMA, Blida 1 University)

- Dr Outtar, Fahima (LRPMA, Blida 1 University)

- Dr Ramdane, Sid Ali (Blida 1 University)

- Mr Saboundji, Samir (Blida 1University)

- Dr Sabri, Karima (Blida 1University)

- Ms Tadjine, Nac�ra (LRPMA, Blida 1University)

- Dr Zouaoui, Ahmed (Biotechnologies Department, Blida 1 University)




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Email : tjpp@iresa.tn
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