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Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection

Volume 12, Number 2, December 2017



109 - Differential allelopathic potential of three cereal species. Oueslati O., and Ben-Hammouda M. (Tunisia)

121 - Combined effects of Barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) infection and salinity stress on barley growth and yield parameters. Najar, A., Abassi, M., Ben Ghanem, H., and Debez A. (Tunisia)

135 - Incidence and molecular characterization of Citrus psorosis virus in Tunisia. Hamdi, I., and Najar, A. (Tunisia)

149 - Prevalence of viruses associated with grapevine rugose wood disease in Tunisia. Selmi, I., Pacifico, D., Carimi, F., and Mahfoudhi, N. (Tunisia/Italy)

159 - The spatio-temporal distribution patterns of the spider mite Oligonychus afrasiaticus on date palm (Deglet Nour cultivar) in a pesticide free Tunisian oasis. Ben Chaaban, S., Chermiti, B., and Kreiter, S. (Tunisia/France)

173 - Survey of the genus Orius species in the Tunisian Sahel region. Elimem, M., Limem-Sellemi, E., Ben Othmen, S., Hafsi, A., Ben Fekih, I., Harbi, A., and Chermiti, B. (Tunisia/France/Spain)

189 - Field testing of the sex pheromone of Phyllocnistis citrella in citrus orchards in Tunisia. Slimane-Kharrat, S. (Tunisia) [Short Communication]

197 - A survey of thrips and their potential for transmission of viruses to crops in Biskra (Algeria): First record of the species Frankliniella intonsa and Thrips flavus. Razi, S., Bernard, E.C., and Laamari, M. (Algeria/Tennessee USA) [Short Communication]


Photo of the cover page: Orius laevigatus (Courtesy Mohamed Elimem)

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