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Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection

Volume 13, Special Issue, March 2018
Peer reviewed articles from communications presented in The First Maghreb Symposium on Integrated Plant Protection (SYMPIP-2017), 30 October-1 November, 2017, Sousse, Tunisia
Edited by Prof. Mejda Daami-Remadi



1- Beyond Bt: new bacterial resources for insect biocontrol. Leclerque, A. (Germany)

11- Morphological and physiological changes induced in the date palm trees ( Phoenix dactylifera ) exposed to atmospheric fluoride pollution. Ben Amor, A., Elloumi, N., Chaira, N., and Nagaz, K. (Tunisia)

23 - Hepatotoxicity induced by chlorpyrifos in 'Wistar' rats. Chenikhar, H., Djabri, B., Salmi, A., Taib, C., and Rouabhi, R. (Algeria)

31- Impact of nitrogen fertilization on Fusarium foot and root rot and yield of durum wheat. Hemissi, I., Gargouri, S., Hlel, D., Hachana, A., Abdi, N., and Sifi, B. (Tunisia)

39- Identification and occurrence of Trichoderma harzianum associated with cork oak in Tunisia. Yangui, I., Zouaoui Boutiti, M., Hlaiem, S., Vettraino, A.M., Vannini, A., Ben Jamaâ, M.L., and Messaoud, C. (Tunisia/Italy)

49- Identification and pathogenicity of Pestalotiopsis chamaeropis , causal agent of Erica arborea dieback and in vitro biocontrol with the antagonist Trichoderma sp. Hlaiem, S., Zouaoui-Boutiti, M., Ben Jemâa, M.L., Della Rocca, G., Barberini, S., and Danti, R. (Tunisia/Italy)

61- Ophiostomatoid fungi associated with the ambrosia beetle Platypus cylindrus in cork oak forests in Tunisia. Bellahirech, A., Inácio, M.L., Ben Jamâa, M.L., and Nóbrega, F. (Tunisia/Portugal)

77- Impact of captopril on Ephestia kuehniella : Ovarian nucleic acid amounts and protein analysis. Yezli-Touiker, S., Taffar, A., Meskache, R., and Soltani, N. (Algeria)

87- Effects of latex from Pergularia tomentosa and the aggregation pheromone, phenylacetonitrile, on Locusta migratoria larvae. Miladi, M., Abdellaoui, K., Regaieg, H., Omri, G., Acheuk, F., Ben Halima-Kamel, M. (Tunisia/Algeria)

99- Evaluation of the resistance of different barley accessions to the Russian wheat aphid Diuraphis noxia. Laamari, M., and Benyahia, L. (Algeria)

107- Field assessment of the mass trapping technique for the control of the chickpea leaf miner Liriomyza cicerina. Soltani, A., Amri, M., and Mediouni-Ben Jemâa, J. (Tunisia/Morocco)

113- Rapid ability adaptation of Callosobruchus maculatus to a novel host Vigna unguiculata. Haouel-Hamdi, S., Labidi, M., Hedjal-Chebheb, M., Aouji, A., Boushih, E., and Mediouni-Ben Jemâa, J. (Tunisia/Algeria)

123- Combined use of Eucalyptus salmonophloia essential oils and the parasitoid Dinarmus basalis for the control of the cowpea seed beetle Callosobruchus maculatus. Haouel-Hamdi, S., Abdelkader, N., Hedjal-Chebheb, M., Saadaoui, E., Boushih, E., and Mediouni-Ben Jemâa, J. (Tunisia/Algeria)

139- Influence of grapevine vigor on the dynamic and the installation of the invasive pest Jacobiasca lybica in Mitidja, Algeria. Bissaad, F.Z., Razi, S., and Bounaceur, F. (Algeria)

147- Some observations on the predominance of Aphis spiraecola on citrus in Northwestern Algeria. Labdaoui, Z.E., and Guenaoui, Y. (Algeria)

159- Contribution to the study of a new date palm pest Oryctes agamemnon in the palm groves of El - Oued, Algeria. Chouia, A., Guerfi, Z., and Sadine, S.E. (Algeria)

171- Oak forests infestation by Tortrix viridana and its performance on three Quercus species. Mannai, Y., Ezzine, O., and Ben Jam â a, M.L. (Tunisia)

183- Performance of Anacampsis scintillella in Tunisia. Ezzine, O., Hammami, S., Boudhina, S., and Ben Jamâa, M.L. (Tunisia)

191- TUNWeeds: A smart identification tool for Tunisian Brassicaceae weeds in rapeseed ( Brassica napus ) crop. El-Waer, N.E-H., Mekki, M., El-Waer, S., and Medimagh, S. (Tunisia)

199- First Report of Lobesia botrana on Daphne gnidium in North of Tunisia. Hammami, S., Ezzine, O., Dhahri, S., and Ben Jamâa, M.L. (Tunisia)


Photo of the cover page: The parasitoid Alloxysta sp. (Courtesy Zine Eddine Labdaoui )


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