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Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection

Volume 13, No 2, December 2018


145- Optimization of simple DNA extraction method suitable for diverse microorganisms. Zammouri, S., Kalai-Grami, L., and Mnari-Hattab, M. (Tunisia)

157- Endophytic bacteria from Solanum nigrum with plant growth-promoting and Fusarium wilt-suppressive abilities in tomato. Aydi-Ben Abdallah, R., Jabnoun-Khiareddine, H., Nefzi, A., Ayed, F., and Daami-Remadi, M. (Tunisia)

183- Effect of soil management on biodiversity of nematode communities as a biological indicator of soil quality in oasis agro-ecosystem of Kebili. Effect of soil management on biodiversity of nematode communities as a biological indicator of soil quality in oasis agro-ecosystem of Kebili. Larayedh-Bettaieb, A., Hajji-Hedfi, L., Sanchèz-Moreno, S., Chihani-Hammas, N., Regaieg, H., Aoun, F., Horrigue-Raouani, N., and Belkadhi, M.S. (Tunisia/Spain)

201- Toxicity of the active fraction of Pergularia tomentosa and the aggregation pheromone phenylacetonitrile on Schistocerca gregaria fourth-instar nymph: effects on behavior and acetylcholinesterase activity. . Miladi, M., Abdellaoui, K., Ben Hamouda, A., Boughattas, I., Tlili, H., Mhafdhi, M., Acheuk, F., and Ben Halima-Kamel, M. (Tunisia/Algeria)

217- Effects of temperatures and rainfall variability on the abundance and diversity of Caelifera (Insecta, Orthoptera) in three natural environments in the Mzab Valley, Septentrional Sahara (Algeria). Zergoun, Y., Guezoul, O., Sekour, M., Bouras, N., and Holtz, M.D. (Algeria/Canada)

229- Insecticidal effects of siliceous sands as preservative for maize and cowpea storage. Cissokho, P.S., Welle, F., Gueye, M.T, Diarra, K., Sow, E.H., and Lognay, G. (Senegal/Belgium)

243- First diet survey in Niger River valley and acute risk assessment for consumers exposed to pesticide residues in vegetables. Illyassou, K.M., Adamou, R., and Schiffers, B. (Niger/Belgium)

263- First report of the bark beetle Phloeosinus armatus on the Mediterranean cypress Cupressus sempervirens in Syria. Aljouri, E., Gharib, M., Almanoufi, A., Daher-Hjai, N., and AlIssa-AlKharaba, H. (Syria)

269- First report of Carcina quercana on the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) in north western Tunisia. Ezzine, O., Ben Yahia, K., Dhahri, S., Ammari, Y., and Ben Jamâa, M.L. (Tunisia)

275- First Report of three Tortricidae species on Quercus suber Forest in Northwestern. Mannai, Y., Ezzine, O., Hausmann, A., and Ben Jamâa, M.L. (Tunisia/Germany)


Photo of the cover page: Larva of Archips xylosteana (Courtesy Yaussra Mannai)


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