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Tunisian Journal of Plant Protection

Volume 13, No 1, June 2018


1- Performance of barley lines selected under drought stressed conditions and ultra-low density. Ben Ghanem, H., El Felah, M., Najar, A., Kehel, Z., Amri, A., Rezgui, S., and Tsivelikas, A.L. (Tunisia/Morocco)

27- Novel source of resistance against root necrosis and plant wilting disease caused by Phytophthora nicotianae in Capsicum annuum. Elbaz, M., Allagui, M.B., and Harbaoui, S. (Tunisia)

39- Antifungal activity of essential oils of Origanum majorana and Lavender angustifolia against Fusarium wilt and root rot disease of melon plants. Dhaouadi, S., Rouissi, W., Mougou-Hamdane, A., Hannachi, I., and Nasraoui, B. (Tunisia)

57- Barley Net Blotch in Tunisia: Areal distribution, forms and molecular identification. Mougou-Hamdane, A., Touati, R., Faddaoui, S., Garbouj, R., BenAraar, A., Nasraoui, B. (Tunisia)

69- First report of the cyst Nematode Heterodera mediterranea on olive trees in Tunisia. Guesmi-Mzoughi, I., Troccoli, A., Fanelli, E., Radicci, V., Regaieg, H., Hadj-Naser, F., Horrigue-Raouani, N., and De Luca, F. (Tunisia/Italy)

79- Aphids on cultivated cereals in Tunisia with a new reported species Forda formicaria . Boukhris-Bouhachem, S., Ben Fekih, I., and Souissi, R. (Tunisia)

93- First report on the occurrence of the braconid parasitoid Opius monilicornis on the chickpea leaf miner Liriomyza cicerina in Tunisia. Soltani, A., Beyareslan, A., Haouel-Hamdi, S., Bousselmi, A., Amri, M., and Mediouni-Ben Jemaa, J. (Tunisia/Turkey/Morocco)

101- Management of the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta in Tunisia: A three years’ survey. Cherif, A., and Grissa-Lebdi, K. (Tunisia)

113- Effect of benzothiadiazole and salicylic acid resistance inducers on Orobanche foetida infestation in Vicia faba . Triki, E. , Trabelsi, I., Amri, M., Nefzi, F., Kharrat, M., and Abbes, Z. ( Tunisia /Morocco)

127- Risk assessment of Tunisian consumers and farm workers exposed to residues after pesticide application in chili peppers and tomatoes. Toumi, K., Joly, L., Tarchoun, N., Souabni, L., Bouaziz, M., Vleminckx, C., and Schiffers, B. (Belgium/Tunisia)



Photo of the cover page: Heterodera mediterranea(Courtesy Francesca De Luca)


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