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Editor-in-Chief :

- Nasraoui, Bouzid, INAT-University of Carthage, (Plant Mycology) CV

Associate Editor-in-Chief

- Daami-Remadi, Mejda, CRRHABChM-University of Sousse, (Plant Mycology) CV


- BelKadhi, Mohamed Sadok, CTCPG/IRAM-University of Gabes, (Plant Protection) CV

- BenJamaâ, Mohamed Lahbib, INRGREF-University of Carthage, (Forest Entomology) CV

- Bouhachem, Sonia, INRAT-University of Carthage, (Entomology) CV

- Boulahia, Synda , INAT-University of Carthage, (Entomology) CV

- Chaabane, Hanène, INAT-University of Carthage, (Pesticide Science) CV

- Chaieb , Ikbal, CRRHABChM-University of Sousse, (Entomology) CV

- Horrigue, Najet , ISA-ChM -University of Sousse, (Plant Nematology) CV

- Mahfoudhi, Naima, INRAT-University of Carthage, (Plant Virology) CV

- Mediouni-Ben Jemâa, Jouda, INRAT-University of Carthage, (Entomology) CV

- Mekki, Mounir, ISAChM-University of Sousse, (Weed Science) CV

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Email : tjpp@iresa.tn
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